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Our next build

It’s been quite a while since our last update so here goes… After the success of our first build it was time to choose our next project. We wanted to build something a little unusual and very striking. Lewis had a plan for large narrow wheels with the rider sat well down between them. I had an interest in placing the fuel tank inside the frame like a lot of earlier motorcycles so we started looking at old board track racers and bikes of that era and took a lot of inspiration from what was happening then. We made a lot of sketches and calculations to get the look and…

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Catch Up

Wow what a busy couple of weeks we’ve had recently. I really feel like I’m starting to live this dream. First off we got the rebuilt XF wheels back ready for the board track racer. They’ve been delayed quite a bit for various reasons but now they’re here they look superb. The butter cream rims…

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Kickback 2015

Well we went to Kickback and it was great! Okay, Lewis couldn’t make it unfortunately because he was sunning himself in the Philippines but he was definitely there in spirit. He kept texting me for updates when he should have been drinking from a coconut or something. Being my first show, the whole thing was…

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Getting ready for our first show

So we’re off to Kickback, The National Custom Bike Show in just over a week. This will be our first show and I’m panicking slightly about being ready! The bike is almost ready to go but needs the exhaust wrap doing again. Unfortunately, on the photoshoot it got damaged by the trailer guide rails. No…

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First build photo shoot

Yesterday was lots of fun and a little surreal being part of a photo shoot for our first completed custom motorcycle. We loaded the bike up nice and early and wrapped it all in soft blankets to keep everything clean and shiny despite the salty winter roads we’ve got at the moment. Jerry was waiting…

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The build is complete

So the build is finished and much quicker than we expected from receiving the painted parts. Everything came together very easily, partly helped by the fact that we had put the bike together once before. I was expecting lots of problems with clearances caused by the extra layers of paint but actually there was very…

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Lewis and the amazing technicolour wiring loom

Apart from more polishing (wow those brake calipers were not designed for easy polishing), this weekend was all about wiring. Lewis has taken the lead on planning and installing the wiring so I played the role of dutiful assistant, holding wires for soldering and using the hot gun on pieces of heat shrink. All joints…

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The build out continues

Lewis and I had a great couple of days in the workshop over the weekend. We made a lot of progress getting much further than expected in the time. We finished up with what is looking to be a gorgeous motorcycle! After a lot of time spent on the polishing wheel the top yoke was…

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Photo shoot

I had lots of fun in my friend Jerry’s photo studio yesterday taking pictures of all the parts of the bike before we really get in to the build up. I’ll try to get a gallery up of the actual high quality shots. My favourite photos are of the whole bike laid out in kit…

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The build up begins

Lewis and I have had a productive day in the workshop today. We’ve started putting lots of the smaller twiddly bits together, mostly the wheels and battery box. There was lots of polishing and bolt cleaning along the way and care was taken to avoid scraping the new paint. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible with close tolerances! We held off from putting any big pieces together because tomorrow all the parts are going to our friend Jerry’s photo studio to get some good pictures before the build proper.

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