Lewis and I had a great couple of days in the workshop over the weekend. We made a lot of progress getting much further than expected in the time. We finished up with what is looking to be a gorgeous motorcycle!

After a lot of time spent on the polishing wheel the top yoke was ready for installing the front end. At this point we realised that the wheels had no tyres on so a quick trip out to get the original rubber popped back on the rims was necessary. Haslemere Motorcycles fitted the tyres for us and kindly took a lot of extra care with the freshly painted wheels which worked out well with not a mark on them. The black wheels look great wrapped in black rubber with accents of silver from parts of the brake disc’s and sprocket bolts.

With the front end in, the rear of the frame went up on a stand to get everything stable and give us the clearance to drop the engine in. We were both nervous about paint damage at this stage so spent time wrapping the frame in foam to protect it. The engine actually slipped in a lot more easily than it seemed to have previously and we were soon bolting all the mounting plates in place. I was glad I’d taken the time to stamp the plates with their positions to save any confusion on reassembly. All nuts and bolts from the final teardown were carefully bagged and labelled too and it’s making the rebuild very simple.

The airbox also slipped in nicely needing just a little wrestling with the rubbers to get them to seat properly on the carbs. Plenty of grease and some warming by the heater certainly helped with that!

Finally we moved on to fitting the battery box. The main challenge here was pulling wires down through the frame from the front end. We’d actually left things pretty tight for ourselves with the holes in the frame so there was quite a bit of careful arranging and wiggling combined with a bit of brute force and ignorance! With all the wiring down to the right place, and wrapped in heat shrink for protection and looks, everything could be fed in to the battery box and it was bolted in place.

It’s such a satisfying experience putting what we’ve designed and fabricated back together and watching it form a finished motorcycle. Seeing our design decisions paying off with the right balance between painted parts and polished aluminium is a fantastic payoff for all the hard work.