Apart from more polishing (wow those brake calipers were not designed for easy polishing), this weekend was all about wiring. Lewis has taken the lead on planning and installing the wiring so I played the role of dutiful assistant, holding wires for soldering and using the hot gun on pieces of heat shrink. All joints that can be are being soldered and shrunk, there’s nothing worse than unreliable electrics caused by corroding or loose spade terminals!

There was a nasty moment when it seemed both the horn and headlight dip buttons weren’t working which would have been a pain to fix but lots of rechecking of the wiring and some expertly applied WD40 resulted in good circuits on both. The headlight dip works very nicely with a single push button operating a latching relay to switch between high and low beam.

All the switches and lights at the front end are now working including the speedo illumination which has had an upgrade to an LED instead of it’s original dim bulb. All parts of the loom are pulled through to the battery box so there’s just some tidying up to do in there and we’ll be done with the electrics.