So the build is finished and much quicker than we expected from receiving the painted parts. Everything came together very easily, partly helped by the fact that we had put the bike together once before.

I was expecting lots of problems with clearances caused by the extra layers of paint but actually there was very little of that. The only things that needed paint removing were the bottom yoke to allow the forks to slide in and all the threaded holes. There’s something very satisfying about going over the frame and other parts, running taps down the threads again to clear the paint.

We were working without a drawing on this bike so getting the right balance of colours throughout was entirely in our heads and it wasn’t until it was complete that we could be sure of having it right. I think we managed to do that, the satin black paint and polished aluminium parts offset each other really well with no part of the bike having too much of one or the other. The purple tank and mudguards give a subtle injection of colour with the tank scallops breaking up what would otherwise be too big a block of all the same. The headlight cowl was originally going to be black but a last minute discussion between Lewis and Chris our painter at C & S Coachworks changed that to purple and it’s a nice feature.

Right now the roads around here are covered in salt so although we’re both keen to get out and ride the bike we’re going to wait till things warm up a bit and all that nasty road salt has been washed away. Until then we’ll just have to trailer the bike to some interesting locations for photos and back to Jerry’s place again for a proper photo shoot of the finished product. Action shots will follow in the spring!

We plan to show the bike lots this year so will be looking out for good custom motorcycle shows to attend. If there are any you think we should be at then please leave a comment with details. It’ll be good to show off what we can do and get our name out there in the custom world.

Completed motorcycle