Yesterday was lots of fun and a little surreal being part of a photo shoot for our first completed custom motorcycle.

We loaded the bike up nice and early and wrapped it all in soft blankets to keep everything clean and shiny despite the salty winter roads we’ve got at the moment. Jerry was waiting for us, when we arrived, with the studio warmed up and a fantastic looking grey brick backdrop to show off the bike very nicely. Details of Jerry’s services and examples of his work can be seen at Jerry often works with international pinup model Kayleigh Dunne and it was a real treat for us that he was able to arrange for her to model with the bike for us. The motorbike looked great but Kayleigh made it look even better!

With the studio shots completed we loaded up again and headed off to take some location shots with a suitably interesting but non distracting background. The industrial location we used happened to be next to Southampton airport and we did get slightly distracted watching the jets taking off so close by. The gods of motorcycling were smiling on us and the sun came out just as we arrived which gave us good light and some lovely long shadows. Jerry soon had us turning the bike this way and that to capture every feature, even climbing up to the roof at one point for a top down view.

With so many great shots in the bag it’s a bit of a challenge now deciding which ones to use!

First Build Gallery