So we’re off to Kickback, The National Custom Bike Show in just over a week. This will be our first show and I’m panicking slightly about being ready!

The bike is almost ready to go but needs the exhaust wrap doing again. Unfortunately, on the photoshoot it got damaged by the trailer guide rails. No biggy but needs to be sorted before close scrutiny by lots of enthusiasts. That’s also something to watch out for on the way up to Coventry.

The trailer also needs a quick birthday. One of the inner tubes has decided to twist round inside the tyre so the valve is almost impossible to get at. I might put new tyres on while I’m at it, the current ones look a bit perished and I don’t want one coming apart with such precious cargo onboard!

We’ll be allocated a pallet to display the bike on and have to provide an A4 sheet giving details about us and the bike. Nothing else is allowed to be displayed. I put my Photoshop hat on and knocked up something clean and professional looking, it’s all part of the impression we’ll give.

The show will be a great opportunity to meet other builders and influential people in the business. Networking and selling myself in a formal way doesn’t come naturally so hopefully it’ll just be a relaxed atmosphere and a good excuse to talk about bikes!

If you’re at Kckback then come and say hello…