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Happy New Year!

Well it’s been a great Christmas break and I had an unusual new year learning new skills from my friends. Now though I’m keen to get back to the bike building! We’ve got a freshly painted frame and a crate full of clean shiny bits to unwrap and bolt to it. A second crate holds all the custom aluminium pieces we’ve turned and milled to uniquely finish it. There’s a good few hours to be spent with the buffing mop and soaps to shine that lot up. Finishing this bike is the beginning of the adventures for 2015. There will be more bikes, shows, hard work and most importantly riding!

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Progress at the paint shop

We paid a visit to C&S Coachworks last night where the bike is being painted. Chris and the team there have been busy doing prep work after getting the frame and other bits back from shot blasting. We talked colours and designs and they definitely seem to get what we’re after. The quality of the…

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Waiting For Paint

Well our first bike has been fully built and road tested before being broken down again and shipped off to the painters. It’s very exciting waiting for those lovely shiny parts to come back so in the meantime we’re planning the next bike!

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